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We fight domestic violence in Russia

We aim to raise $7,000 monthly to keep going

Over the past 3 years we have launched a mobile app with a SOS-button and a website, that answers all the questions about domestic violence in Russia. Our ‘Men Against Violence’ campaign has been seen by more than 200,000 people. We have given speeches on several occasions and talked to hundreds of journalists. We also helped a number women personally. Thanks to your faith in what we do, we have grown and now are ready to expand.

Our main goal is to offer a system approach to solving a domestic violence problem.

    We want to create:

  • An all-Russian network to help those affected by violence
  • Legal clinics for students
  • Education programs for specialists and discussion boards for young people
  • Centers of psychological and legal help
  • More social campaigns with celebrities who care

We need your help!

What the money will be spent on?

For the Center ‘Nasiliu.Net’ to be effective and help as many people as possible, we have to raise $7,000 monthly.

Director coordinates Center’s activity and organises every single thing $1,000
Deputy Director plans the work of the Center and prepares reports $700
Coordinator manages the office, plans events and works with volunteers $600
Editor is responsible for the website $700
Webmaster deals with the tech stuff $200
Psychologist leads support groups and on particular days works with actual enquiries $300
Lawyer works with legal matters of those affected by domestic violence — several days a week $300
Accountant $300
TAXES $1,700
Bank expenses $100
Office rent $850
Office operation $200

80000 руб.

Total $6,950

We need your help!

Anna Rivina


It’s saddens me to realise, that Russia is the last country in Europe that doesn’t have a law against domestic violence. The police and judges oftentimes ignore the problems of those who faced violence, and people just don’t want to make it their problem too — because it must have been victims’ fault.

Thanks to each and every one of you who helps us over and over again, so that everyone who needs support would know where to come for it and wouldn’t be ashamed. Thanks for creating a future where there is no place for violence.

Tell your friends about the project! It can help a person in need!

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